Events Venue

Events Venue

A perfect blend of modern comforts and a rich, rustic ambiance, Pathfinder offers an imaginative and sophisticated environment for medium to large events.

Set in a 5 Acres pristine space with a capacity to host a little over a 100 to a 1000 guests, we are easy to find and get to. The Events Centre is a versatile and chic venue for corporate do’s, Social Events and Institutional Events, making us one of the best venues for Events. The Events Centre offers innovative space, optimal acoustic efficiency, state-of-the-art facilities and conference aids, and creative service solutions, making your business meetings both productive and memorable.


  1. Auditorium
  2. Conference Hall
  3. Workshops
  4. Swimming Pool
  5. Pool side Cafeteria
  6. Terrace Garden
  7. Amphi Theatre