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GBF (Global Business Forum)

Global Business Forum is one such unique forum where industrialists from different fields will be under one roof, so that each of individual industrialists gets their necessary clients/collaborations within the forum. The Global Business Forum is a refreshingly different kind of business networking organization. This finest business-to-business networking group is composed exclusively of senior-level professional service providers, committed to supporting our fellow members through meaningful, warm introductions that lead to legitimate business opportunities.

Global Business Forum provides a positive, supportive, and structured environment to exchange quality business referrals. We offer members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals.

The purpose of The Business Forum is to provide a setting in which its members command the trust and respect of each other on personal and professional levels. Members get to know each other and feel comfortable in transacting commerce and opportunities among one another on a “Business-to-Business” basis.

The formal presentations at the GBF events are kept short and we always offer ample time for plenty of networking among the event participants.

Advantages for GIBS Students

This forum is really unique in student perspectives as students of GIBS will get to interact with 500+ industrialists within a span of two years, whereas students will get a chance to work with the top industrialists of their particular specializations and also will be recruited too, provided if their business plans are commendable for particular industrialist.

Meetings and Events will be conducted frequently so that all the industrialists will be active in the forum. These meetings or events will be handled by the particular student committees itself. Students of GIBS will be getting plenty of benefits in this forum by getting a very vast exposure to their careers.

Connect with some of the most talented entrepreneurs from around the world and rub shoulders with successful business leaders

For more details kindly visit: www.gbfindia.com